Profile of Jean-Pierre Gagnon

Jean-Pierre Gagnon Director / Inspector
30 years experience 0 projects worked United States of America (USA)
$75 /hr $0 earned
Asset ProtectionEducation and TrainingMartial ArtsPersonal SecuritySurveillance and Countermeasures

Director of Global Security Consultants (Now)
Director of Safety & Security in N. Haiti (Ret)
Director of Counterintel & Special Ops (DOD ret)
Pinkerton Detective in New Haven Area (ret)
Shihan, Isshinryu Karate Do (Active)
PhD, Psychology with >15 years in practice
Adj Professor at 3 Univ: Psych, Human Develop.
Fellow & Board Certified in Medical Psych
Great knowledge and experience with firearms
Cert in Food Safety
Cert as a Safety Manager (OSHA / NSC)
Cert in Intelligence (Amer Mil Univ)
Cert as Master Diver Trainer
Cert in Trauma Response
Cert as Emergency Med Response Instructor
Cert Rescue Diver Instructor
Cert Dive Medic Instructor
Cert Oxygen Instructor
Cert ARC Mental Health Responder

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