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Gordan Krajacic Private Detective
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My name is Gordan Krajacic, prof.

I’m founder of Founder of Apolo Security s.l.l.c. I’m a long time world security expert at all levels. My carrier in security business begins with 1991. Croatian Independency War and it is continuously developed still and further.

My experience is ranging from providing personal security for clients in Croatia War time from 1992. till 1997.

From year 1997 till 2014 I was top level professional at Ministry of Interior of Croatia working at various positions from CQB and Self Defense Instructor, Weapons Instructor, Protective Detail Member, to Crime Police Inspector to Special Police Officer, Special Police Instructor at Special Police Company Commander. During my Police carrier I was involved in all major security actions, planning and execution of my country and some special operations that are still top secret today. Also, I did many Investigations as a Organized Crime Inspector.

My International experience started by ad hoc private engagement in EU countries and countries such as Bosnia, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Turkey, UAE and Iraq. As a Private detective and security company owner I have all required licenses from Croatian Government to operate in this business and in European Union Countries.

As a freelance Security Advisor I’m not limited and can operate WORLDWIDE. You can turn on me for most advanced security solutions and investigations about your problems and challenges with confidence. Kind Regards, Gordan Krajacic, prof. Private Detective, founder of Apolo Security s.l.l.c. from Croatia.

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