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Paul Benoist Physical Security Specialist
19 years experience 0 projects worked Afghanistan
$45 /hr $0 earned
Asset ProtectionFire WeaponsLaw and GovernmentPersonal SecuritySecurity Clearance/Licence

Career Summary

·       Profile: 19 years of military experience. Lived and worked in the Middle East. Nine years maintenance and repair of small arms and weapons repair. Certified Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Instructor/Military Police. Proven leadership and security skills. Responsible for the supervision of daily physical security operations. Strong background in time and personnel management, mentoring, and instructional delivery techniques. Committed to customer service, teamwork, innovation, professionalism and organizational success. High School graduate. Prior Top Secret (Alpha w/Data & Communications clearance.

  • Knowledge:Knowledge of a wide range of physical security concepts, principles and practices, and a variety of physical security hardware and systems. Knowledge of the day-to-day oversight and physical security administration including, tactical training, combat tactics, developing and documenting processes, conducting briefings, writing reports, and investigating and analyzing issues and problems.
  • Skills:Work within a stressful environment, which includes noise from alarms, machinery, and people, distractions, time pressure, disruptive and angry civilian aggressors, and the requirement to identify and locate potentially life threatening devices and devices intended on creating massive destruction. Make effective decisions in both crisis and routine situations. Long term planning and project management skills for meeting physical security objectives.

·       Abilities: Ability to perform on-site physical security operations, combat tactics, inspections, and investigations. Ability to work well with people, excellent oral and written communication and time and project management skills.Self-starter with the ability to complete tasks with little follow-up supervision needed. Demonstrated good judgment, interpersonal, and customer service skills, and the ability to maintain the confidentiality of highly sensitive information. Ability to develop and manage physical security programs for a governmental organization or installation.


Security/Police/Military Training

·       Certified Law Enforcement (CLEET) Long Range Precision Rifle (Sniper)

·       Executive Personal Security Officer(PSO/PPO)/Tactical Driver, Kabul, Afghanistan

·       Armorer/S1/Law Enforcement-Firearms Instructor, Shoutz, Afghanistan

·       Personal Protection/Security Officer, Executive Protection Officer, Investigator

·       Physical Security Detail (PSD), Personal Security Officer (PSO), Bagdad, Iraq

·       Physical Security Specialist Supervisor, Operator, and Officer

·       Security Forces/Police and Combat Arms Instructor Academy, Lackland Air Force Base, TX


Small Arms and Weapons Expertise
M16-A4 Rifle, M-4 Carbine, M-9 Pistol, M11 Pistol (Sig P226), M686 (.357 cal. Pistol), MK23-0 .45 cal Pistol (H &K), MK11-0 SR-25 PIP .50 cal (Sniper Rifle), MK 12-0/1 SPR 5.56MM Rifle, Chicom Type 56-1 7.62 x 39 (AK 47 Variant), MK14 7.62 EBR (M14 Variant), MK13 300 Winmag (Sniper Rifle), M44 7.62MM Machine Gun (Automated Weapons System), MK47 Mod-0 40MM ALGL Machine Gun (Automated Grenade Launcher System), M2 .50 Cal. Machine Gun (All Variants), M107 .50 Cal. Rifle (Barrett Sniper Rifle), MP5 Sub-Machine Gun (All Variants), M203 Grenade Launcher, MK-19 40MM Grenade Machine Gun, M-240B Machine Gun, M-249 Squad Auto Weapon.

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