January 14, 2018
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Freelance Security 2.0 goes LIVE

A new Freelance Security is here today!

We hope our new update will take your experience to the next level with more elegant and attractive interface.

  • Filter by worked project is now available for employers to search freelancers in the profiles page.
  • New “My Profile” page for both freelancers and employers.
  • Old tabs located in my profile page are now separated into particular pages such as My Private Message, and My Project.
  • New dispute page in case of debate.
  • Update in the project details page and workspace.
  • Bug fixes.

Main Contents:

  1. New “My Profile” Page – The Easy Way For Users To Show Their Own Reputation & Qualification
  2. More Pages, More Effective To Manage Your Projects, and Inbox
  3. Bug fixes

New “My Profile” Page – The Easy Way For Users To Show Their Own Reputation & Qualification

Both employers and freelancers are provided with a new page where they can update the information as well as build their reputation. Freelancer profile is a little bit different from the employer’s.

Freelancer Profile

Previously, freelancers could only update their profile with some basic information such as their experience, skills, and portfolio. But now, they can add more, including working experience, certification, education, etc.

Besides, they can add more images for their portfolio rather than 1 image as before.


We also allow freelancer to view their own profile as others.

Employer Profile

Compared with freelancer profile, employer profile is simpler with some basic information, including profile details & account details as the image below:

Employers can also view their profile as others like freelancers.

More Pages, More Effective To Manage Your Projects and Inbox

As mentioned above, the old tabs such as private message, project details are now separated into new pages for easy management. As a result, they are no longer shown in user’s profile from now on. Instead, the user can access these pages by clicking on the corresponding tabs located on the top right corner of the page.


My Inbox Page

The inbox page is designed based on the private message tab in the previous versions. Therefore, this page is basically similar to the private message tab. However, users cannot archive their conversation from this version.


Projects Listing Page

The whole design of the project listing page is also updated. This page is also divided into 2 tabs, which are current projects & previous projects. In this page, users can easily search their project by keywords or filter by its status:

My projects page of freelancer


With the new update of workspace, both freelancers and employers now can easily attach file(s) in the conversation section. Besides, a new section located in the right sidebar is added, allowing freelancers to directly upload/remove file(s).


In case employers want to prevent freelancers from uploading/removing the file, they are able to lock this section. Conversely, this section can be unlocked.



Ratings and reviews are now displayed in the workplace.


Dispute Page

The dispute page is now separated from workspace. This page gives both parties a place to chat each other and provide proofs/materials involved in the dispute.

Bug fixes

  • Placeholder text is added into the country field in the user profile.
  • Properly filter profiles by rate hour.
  • Resolve Facebook login issue.

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