How It Works plays a perfect connection role. It links clients in need of getting projects done with security freelancers, from all over the world, who are willing to provide services and get paid. Here the two sides come together. Freelancers bid for any potential projects and clients pick the most suitable one.

Freelance-Security it’s a bid-based freelance platform.

The operating concept is reverse bidding. What is it?

Let’s first mention ordinary bidding (auction). Buyers will compete there by offering a high price to get an item or service. The buyer paying the highest price wins.

In reverse bidding, seller and buyer switch roles. Sellers are the bidders. Buyers will consider among different bids and decide which to pick. The chosen seller doesn’t need to be the one offering the lowest price. When a client posts a project, multiple freelancers will bid for that project. The client will then pick up the freelancer he thinks is the most suitable.

How this concept works on Freelance-Security?

In the first place, a client will sign up on the website and post a project with detailed description, requirements, estimated budget and time. Then, registered freelancers on site, browse through the page and find this project. If they find interest, they can bid for the project, offer price and give estimated time of completion. Besides, the client can invite their favourite professionals to bid for the project. Client will review each bid offer and have a look at bidders’ profiles (portfolio, working experience, reviews and ratings on site). Based on such evidence, client will choose a suitable bidder and accept the bid. After that, he makes the payment. Freelance-Security escrow that money, that will be transferred to freelancer upon project’s successful completion. During the project, client and freelancer can communicate and exchange information via private chat box on site. Once finished the project satisfactory, freelancers will get paid for their services.

Freelance-Security’ niche market

The market already has many freelancing sites. Well, while these sites cover many industries, Freelance-Security’s approach is the professional security niche.

With some unique features we create an outstanding dedicated freelance platform. It’s a place dedicated to security related services only. Here people post projects and freelancers with proficient security skills will offer services.

Freelance-Security implements several functions that build its skeleton:

Sign-up & User Profile

Projects can be viewed by visitors. Yet, to do certain tasks, visitors must sign up and become a member. Only logged-in users can view private contents, submit projects (client role), bid for projects (freelancer role), make payments, contact with clients or freelancers.

In freelancer’s profile, fields include self-description, experience, category, skills, portfolio, reviews and ratings.

In profile space of clients, there’s no portfolio, category or skills. Instead, clients have the ability to manage their projects. The submitted projects contain details about budget, working freelancer, date and time, service delivery. Also, a client can edit, pause, archive or delete any project. Moreover, from here he can control bidding offers from freelancers.

Project Submission

Clients needing jobs done will submit a project with job title, detailed description, estimated budget, required skills, project category, any attachment, etc.

Next, the website system will review the project content for publication approval. Once it’s on-air, freelancers can browse for projects and apply.

Project Bidding

This is the reverse bidding concept mentioned at the beginning. With every project posted, clients hope to employ the best freelancer to do the job. The bidding function helps clients attract potential freelancers. The bidding form has a project detailed offer. Here freelancers outline their plan to execute the project, price, duration and attachment. Clients can invite specific freelancers to bid for the projects to increase the rate of choosing the best freelancer.

Private Messaging

Effective communication is the key to success. The private chat space boosts the interaction between client and freelancer to produce the best outcome. Every time a new conversation starts, the receiver gets a notification email. Users can send text messages with attached necessary files.

Project Management

Now that the project is developing, freelancers will embark on the task. During this period, Freelance-Security provide both parties — client and freelancer — the Milestone tool. This tracks the progress and manage the project. Milestone breaks the project into smaller stages. Each milestone has a deadline and different statuses. Upon completing one milestone, freelancer will deliver the result and change that milestone’s status to Completed, for example. Client will review and change the milestone status accordingly. If he’s satisfied with the delivery, changes the status to Finished and freelancer will move on with other milestones. Otherwise, client will reopen the milestone and freelancer has to work more on it. In case that a conflict happens, both parties have the option to send a dispute to us. To judge the dispute Freelance-Security will access all information and material exchanged between the two on the platform, such as messages, any files, milestone, etc.

Project Payment

Freelance-Security provides popular payment gateways.

After a client makes the payment for a project, the money is not transferred immediately to the freelancer. This avoids the situation in which the freelancer might get away without completing the task or not do his best for the project. Therefore, the payment from client is withheld by Freelance-Security in an Escrow system. Once the project ends with success, money is automatically released to freelancer.

Benefits like a Powerful Income Tool and Safe and Easy Project Bidding & Transaction make of a unique platform for freelance security professionals.