Key Features

Outsourcing service has become popular thanks to many benefits it brings to business. It is especially the case for small and medium businesses since you can’t do all the jobs by yourself.

Freelance-Security raised as a platform connecting project owners to skilful security freelancers.

What are the key features of Freelance-Security?

Freelancers want to have profiles to advertise themselves. Employers expect a project submission form. Both get a project bidding function. Freelancers can bid for projects they love and employers can invite their favourite freelancers to bid.

Project submission

An well designed submission form is available for clients to submit projects. They are able to input project name, the category it belongs to, its budget, description and spaces to attach any necessary files.

Freelancer profile

In an online world where anyone can go anonymous, a profile with basic information about a person is mandatory. Freelance-Security features vivid public profiles for freelancers. A strong supporting tool to help professionals with personal branding. Project owners have the very first image about the freelancer they will work with. Information about name, nationality, skills and self description. Besides, freelancers upload their portfolio. A convincing evidence to showcase their professional expertise.

Project bidding

Unlike micro services, projects here are bigger in scale. Outsourcing fee is higher, so employers need to consider and choose which freelancer to assign the task to. After biding, project owner will choose the most appropriate candidate for the job. Moreover, project owners can also invite their favourite freelancers to bid for the projects.

To help clients choose a good freelancer, the system uses the reverse bid. Many freelancers can bid for a project and employers will pick the most suitable one. Any freelancer can see the bid values of each other bidders. Employers rely not only on bid price to choose a freelancer. They check other factors like freelancer portfolio, experience and skills.

Different payment gateways

Freelance-Security offers flexibility in payment gateways, covering as many countries in different continents.

Smooth and Secured Escrow system

Freelance-Security have put everything in place for a secure escrow system. This ensures a smooth workflow and reliable transactions on the website.

Web Design for Minimal Effort

Understand the awesome power of Freelance-Security for personal growth. People are going mobile more and more these days. Freelance-Security has a fully responsive site. It runs fast and adaptable on every device. Not only desktop but also mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Advanced Search

Both, project owners and freelancers, have a Search bar to quickly find their needs. They can search by keyword, filter by category or sort by different criteria, etc.

Project Workspace

This function increases working effectiveness between project owner and freelancer. Here the two exchange messages, deliver the results and manage the project progress.

Review & Rating

A drawback of working online is that we don’t know the people we work with in person. The feedback system on Freelance-Security is available for both freelancers and project owners.

For project owners, reviews and ratings from freelancers they worked with might help other freelancers know their working styles, their attitudes and requirements.

On the other hand, receiving positive feedbacks from many project owners is potential for freelancers in getting more invitation to bid in the future.

To ensure the reliability of such feedbacks, the system is available for both parties to write review for the other when they finished a project.

Dispute Management

Sometimes things don’t develop in the way you want them to. Not all projects are completed successfully. There might be some reasons here and there causing freelancers to want to stop or making project owners demand cancelling the job. So, in this case, Freelance-Security intervene in as a referee. Should anything unwanted happen during the project, project owner or freelancer is able to file a dispute. As a neutral third party, Freelance-Security will consider all the evidence provided to decide who wins and receives the money.

User Dashboard

Each member has a private dashboard to manage his information on site. Here users can edit details of their profile, account, manage all projects, bids and messages.

Notification System

Users are not online 24/7 so they receive notifications to tell them what happened while they were away. Freelance-Security has in place a notification bar on the website and email messages. These notify users of important events like new project, bid invitation, dispute result, etc.

Check Out

Freelance-Security platform makes it easier than ever for you to build an online freelance profile. It is highly customizable, has an intuitive profile builder and brings many features to meet your business strategy.

Freelance-Security develops all these features to deliver a premium platform for your business.