Who’s Behind All This

Who’s Behind All This?

Operation Rainbow, Nigeria

I am Alin “TOD” Atodiresei, a passionate security expert.

But, wait…

Before all the “I did this and that…“, I’m a family man in the first place. A father of three, my daughter Paula, and twins David & Dan. Married to Sandra, a Colombian beauty. An Israeli-trained-Romanian living in Spain.

And now that you know my profession as a father, let me introduce you to my hobbies. Those of you with large family know exactly what I mean. The following excerpts from my humble experience may look like a Curriculum Vitae. That’s not the case. Here I want to be as transparent as possible.

International Security Academy, Israel / Protection & Counter Terrorism Instructor Course

I’m a Protection & Counter-Terrorism Instructor, Criminologist, Private Investigator and Author (of merely one book, tough). Trained for making a notable impact in the fast-growing security niche, I am moved by the vibe to connect the dots within the security market. To bring closer the great freelancing opportunities that abound in the security niche. As an expert in the intelligence field, I want to contribute my quota by offering a priceless service of creating new security business relationships. This will expand everyone’s security business, either as a security freelancer or as a security employee or business owner.
Gained broad experience in the private security field and special forces training over the last decade. I have a tested record of excellent starting, managing, directing, controlling and finishing many complex high-charge security detail assignments. High-risk security projects on a international scale completed with critical and tactical executing skills.

Honduras / Special Forces Cobra / Close Protection Training

I have worked with high governmental military sectors as key personnel. I was charged with managing, implementing and delivering land sliding results within risky conditions for clients who expect the most, irrespective of the hindrances.
Thus, I know what it takes! Not only to identify and detect security challenges and needs. Also to create and offer strategically lasting security solutions.

I understand that more than ever before, in this age security has become a critical ingredient in the success of any business.
This is why I’m extending my horizon to building and strengthening the freelancing security network. I’m laden with ample experience and ability to quickly adapt to working in different conditions while performing security duties of prompt observation, detection, deterring, and detailed reporting.

International Security Academy, Israel / Outdoor Trainings

With a very good communication and great listening skills, I can promise an effective, accurate, eloquent and confident customer support on behalf of my staff. Thus enabling me to excellently construe a platform with smallest chances for blunders.
Despite all my professional security abilities, I’m still someone with modest courtesy. I must say I have very good human relation skills which are helping me in establishing a good reputation throughout my security career. I know how to deal with a different kind of behavior, crisis, and aggression. This assists me in acting professionally with a very good sense of judgement and decision making.

2007 graduates (Tod-first right)/ ISA-Israel / Protection & Counter Terrorism Courses

I know the hassle of getting the right security service when needed. Also recognize the stress in marketing your security skills because I have been in the security market for so long. I’ve functioned in corporate, educational, and governmental security sectors and I know what an active security solution entails. Now I am ready to bring the functionality into networking freelance security.

With the support of a legend in this industry,ISA-Israel’s CEO Mr.Mirza David, I’m building a firm and stable hub for security freelancing. My passion for developing new cutting edge security management and leadership principles will fuel the goal of bringing together great minds and professionals within the security helms.
I hope you’ll enjoy this platform as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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