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Why You Should Be Freelancing In The Emerging Online Security Marketplace

As many operatives have found out, finding a secure job is actually very hard in today’s competitive job market. Even many agents in high-up positions, whether at small businesses or nationwide corporations, are having their jobs threatened by various aspects.

The two biggest factors that threaten many operatives with job loss are technology, and emerging young agents who are familiar with that technology.

Fifty-four percent of the talent in businesses today is made up of traditional workers, but by 2017 that percentage will be down to 41 percent

—Study by Ardent Partners

The Flexibility of Freelancing

Job security isn’t the only reason agents are turning to the online marketplace. Freelance positions provide flexibility, and even a higher earning potential as more companies choose to outsource projects to virtual companies and individual freelancers.

And the security sector is no exception.

In fact, many start-up companies have stepped in to help connect employers and freelancers in the security marketplace. People are recognize the need for detective work and cyber security measures in all forms of business, at the national and private level. Now, they’re working to bring the hiring process into the 21st century by going virtual.

Online marketplaces such as help tech-savvy freelancers find temporary positions at businesses across the globe who need help leveraging technology to do research. Security freelancers are also helping business improve their cyber security measures and prevent data loss, hacking, and other emerging threats.

The security sector is perhaps one of the industries that stand to gain the most as technology advances. Like many positions in the fields of IT and research, working remotely is entirely possible, and can bring about even more opportunities than holding an in-office position.

The flexibility of freelancing is obvious. Working remotely allows agents to have some (or complete) control over when they work. And, you’ll save time commuting.

What You Have To Put In

Depending on how you look at it, though, one of the main benefits of freelancing can also be seen as a downside. The flexibility to work when you want and select your own projects gives agents great freedom, but it also means freelancers have to seek out their own clientele. This process can be time consuming, and you really need a great resume and good experience to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Nevertheless, being a freelancer in the security sector is still feasible. And since the market is still young, now’s a great time to get in and see what happens. As you go along and build your clientele, you’ll certainly see some success.

Finding Freelance Positions

With any freelancing position, the amount of success a person experiences relies 100% on the effort and time they put in. Not only in completing projects, but in finding projects to complete. One of the pros of an online marketplace is that it’s not completely up to you to go searching for your next job. Many times, employers will come to you.

… 40.4 percent of U.S. workers had a contingent work arrangement in 2010 — meaning they were small-business owners, freelancers, contractors, temps, on-call workers, contract company workers and traditional part-timers.

—Study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office

That’s why you should put time and thought into building your online professional image, with a great picture, biography, and detailed resume that potential employers can view anytime they wish.

Growing Your Clientele

If you’re currently having success working with a group of clients, joining an online marketplace can increase your earning potential substantially. There’s no denying the growing need for security professionals. If you have the right expertise for the job, you can definitely find great success in the freelance marketplace.

Even if you’re just getting started on the market, you also have the potential of finding success. Again, having a professional image is key. References help, too. Getting testimonials and references from any existing clients can really give you a step-up when you’re just starting to grow your client list.

Increased Earning Potential

If you currently work locally (whether freelancing or at an office), your reach is limited. Perhaps very limited.

By concentrating full time on a job I truly enjoy, my overall salary has increased roughly 10%

—Linda Cross,

When you begin freelancing online, your reach goes from a few hundred thousand people in your vicinity to billions of internet users. Even if you say only hundreds of millions of them are in need of your services, or even only a few million, you’ve exponentially increased your potential reach.

By looking for positions online, you have more opportunities. By joining a marketplace that specifically caters to the sector you work in, you have a better chance at scoring one of those opportunities. And by joining that marketplace and created a professional profile, you might have brand new opportunities coming straight to you in the form of employers looking to hire someone.

While locally you’re probably limited to small and medium sized businesses, when you join an online marketplace, you have the potential to make connections with companies and big corporations around the world.

How To Get Started

Whether you currently work a 9-5 job, freelance locally, or maybe you’re fresh on the market, you can easily get started on the freelance marketplace.

The great thing about the internet is the low barrier to entry. That does mean increased competition, but it also means so many more opportunities.

Getting started is very simple. The first steps are to join the marketplace, setup your profile, make sure it looks professional, and then add your resume (and keep it updated). Adding any testimonials or references you have can give you a boost, but even if you don’t have any right now, if you’ve got the right skills for the job, you’re very likely to have some opportunities come your way. Plus, you’ll have even better chances if you take the time to seek out some opportunities.

After you setup your profile, the next step is to keep at it. You may only get a few temporary positions to start, but it makes for great side income. And as your clientele and experience increase, that side income can very well turn into your main income stream. And you’ll officially be a full-time freelancer!